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Ed Borromeo
Ed Borromeo Deep Relaxation & Herbal Stress Release

With over a decade of experience, Ed is a proven expert in his field! As he works with each patient, his caring disposition and epic sense of humor are both hard to miss! Being reiki certified and greatly knowledgeable in essential oils and cupping, he is well-rounded in his skill-set : giving you a customized and specialized experience. Well known in the office for his strong work ethic, he currently owns the record for the most massages and compliments in one day! Ed is a well seasoned world-traveler with a particular love of places rich in history. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, he can be found buried under a pile of books or exploring yet another niche genre of music!

Continuing Education:

  • Neuromuscular therapy for hips and thighs
  • First aid
  • Reflexology Variations – Hands and Ears
  • Acupressure points
  • Pathologies of TMJD
  • Skin Pathologies
  • Fibromyalgia
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