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Dr. Haley
Dr. Haley DC, MS HNFM

Dr. Haley received her doctorate in Chiropractic at the University of Western States. She is also currently receiving her Master’s in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and has a passion to help her patient’s take charge of their health. Dr. Haley wants her patients to be able to keep doing what they love! Functional medicine is an individualized approach to medicine with a focus on the root cause rather than the symptoms. This allows the body to get and stay well without unnecessary medications or surgeries. She believes that given the right support using whole food nutrition, supplementation, chiropractic manipulation, functional testing, and exercise–we can get the most out of our bodies. Dr. Haley uses various techniques (diversified, drop table, motion palpation type adjusting) that is tailored to each individual.

Dr. Haley enjoys maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle through recreational running, long distance events, hiking, and group fitness classes. Her dog fox keeps her busy and is an active runner herself! She is also a cycling instructor and enjoys riding her bike inside and outside. While Dr. Haley specializes in nutrition, she also knows the importance of balance–so you will not see Dr. Haley pass up many desserts!

Personal Testimonial For Haley

Dr. Haley is an awesome, caring doctor! It’s my first time to ever go to a chiropractor and I have to say I was terrified! With her down to earth personality and a caring attitude, I was at ease right away. I look forward to my appointments knowing that I’m in great hands!! Thank you Dr. Haley!! You are very professional and compassionate and I’m more aware now of my posture and the importance of stretches and overall caring for my body. I am so appreciative of you and your great positive attitude. Mahalo!

– Marichu Ilo

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