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What Can Be Done

What Can Be Done

The Missing Ingredients

This chapter covers the relatively new approaches to becoming healthy and eliminating FM/CFS that I use in our clinics. The solutions to the questions raised in Chapter 4 are addressed in this chapter. I have found these areas to be the missing links in most of the patients with FM/CFS that come to my office for help. To correct FM/CFS all of these areas must be evaluated and deficiencies addressed.

The following 10 areas, combined with the areas in Chapter 5 will provide the complete protocol for the effective treatment of FM/CFS.

Don’t Stay Sick.

Have your subluxations corrected by a Chiropractor and then maintain these corrections with regular visits. The corrections must be maintained or they will return to their previous position and the symptoms of FM/CFS will return.

After the correction of your subluxations have been verified on X-Rays, then you can maintain your corrections in one of the three following ways:

Good: have a maintenance check up 4 times a year with your Chiropractor.

Better: have maintenance checks every other month at your Chiropractors office.

Best: see your Chiropractor every month to keep your spine in line.

  1. Reduce to the point of almost eliminating the amount of toxins that you put into your body.
  2. Reduce the amount of Free Radical damage by avoiding those things that produce Free Radicals, and add antioxidants to your supplement programme.
  3. Increase the amount of good water that you take in daily to at least 1 ½ litres (50oz) a day.
  4. Investigate the possibility of using hormone precursors to boost your body’s declining production of hormones.
  5. Have a Darkfield Microscope analysis of your blood to determine which nutrients are deficient in your body and visually observe on a TV screen the quantity of your blood. And/or have an Electro Dermal Screening done to determine environmental sensitivities, allergies, heavy metal toxicity, dental involvement, product efficiency evaluations, and to verify the presence of parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungus.
  6. Before each meal, evaluate its potential to either slow down or accelerate the healing process. One meal at a time you have the ability to alter your health. Every choice makes a difference in the person you will be tomorrow. Have a critical look at the foods you eat on a regular basis, and start making some changes to healthier foods.
  7. In the 21st-century it is necessary to supplement your diet with added vitamins, minerals, herbs, and missing nutrients.

Being sick is a wake-up call that you’re past and current choices are not working. It is time to find out what’s not working, and what you can do to improve the situation.

The Points Raised in Chapter 3

  1. Education

It is important to become knowledgeable about how your body works and to know enough about the different approaches to health to be able to make informed decisions. The days of blindly following your doctor’s instructions without question are long gone. Knowledge is the key to your survival.

Start with reading the labels on the products that you buy. This will be an enormous education all by itself. The section on nutrition gives you the list of things to be looking for when you read labels.

Many patients have returned to the office after reading the labels on the foods that they had in their house, stating “I had to throw out almost everything.” They had never stopped to read labels before, and even if they did, they were not sure which things to avoid.

The section on nutrition in Chapters 7&8 have recommended reading to improve your knowledge of product labels. Refer to these books for more information on any subject that you’re unsure of.

Subscribe to health magazines or get them from your local health food store and stay current on the latest discoveries and advancements in the field of health. If you don’t go looking for it, it is not going to come knocking at your door. The manufacturing companies are not going to tell you about the hazardous contents of their products or the unhealthy methods of production they use. Their advertising campaigns emphasize desirable lifestyle, not health. Therefore, it is up to you to become familiar with the ingredients you need to avoid the manufacturing procedures, which decreased the nutritional value of the food.

Attend health fairs and go to lectures put on by various health organizations in your area. The level of knowledge you acquire about your condition helps determine your ability to make healthy choices.

Sitting on the couch hoping FM/CFS will go away can be disastrous.

The only thing that goes away is your health.

Not knowing can be a deadly excuse.

The information is available; take advantage of it.

Knowledge gives you independence from the controlling medical model and offers alternatives that may save your life.

  1. How Can I Change My Beliefs?

If your health is not at the level that you would like, maybe some of the beliefs mentioned in chapter 4 are not holding you back. I’d like to suggest some new concepts or beliefs that would be beneficial in attaining and maintaining a higher level of health.

Fifteen years ago, when I was running a weight loss business, it became evident to me that beliefs played a role in what happened to the food people ate.

  • The belief of the overweight person was that whenever they ate turned to fat.
  • While the attitude of the fit person was, my body uses whatever it needs from what is eaten and discards the rest.

Have a look at your beliefs. Are they empowering you? Do they give you freedom or do they make you subservient? Do you have vibrant health or are you sick?

Some Suggestions to Enhance Your Beliefs Systems:

  • My health is my responsibility.
  • I can do whatever it takes to get and stay healthy.
  • My body has the innate ability to be healthy. I must eliminate the factors that are interfering with this ability.
  • A healthy nervous system, free from subluxation is a necessity.
  • My nutritional intake must far outweigh the amount of toxins I consume.
  • I’m never too old to make positive changes.
  • I am always looking for new and better ways to do things.
  • I will never give up, there are answers to my problems, and I will find them.
  • I always get what I want, always, sometimes it takes a while, but I am always working towards my goals.
  • I don’t get sick.
  • I create my circumstances.

Are your beliefs working for you in helping you achieve your goals in life or are they hindering your progress? Make a list of your beliefs about: your body, health, relationships, occupation, relitigon, government, health system, and your ability to get well. Are they positive, constructie, and based on current knowledge or are they traditional beliefs that have been handed down through the ages and their validity never questioned? Write down new beliefs that will serve you better and adopt them as yours.

  1. How Do Beliefs Affect Attitudes & Health?

Attitudes are based on your beliefs. The other day I overheard a lady say, “don’t treat me like an idiot”. I thought to myself, then don’t act like one. If your beliefs are that you are inferior, then that’s how people will treat you. It starts very early in childhood, where a stronger willed child dominates the insecure child. People will treat you as you see yourself. It is necessary to see yourself in a positive manner.

There is something inside of me that is superior to the circumstances I’m presently confronted with.” Having an attitude like this enables a person to rise above their current lot in life and enables them to make the necessary changes.

Expectations, eventually determine experiences. There is the often-quoted example of the schoolteacher in New York who was hired to teach a specific class. She was told that the students in this class were of exceptional intelligence and that she was to treat them accordingly. She did just that and at the end of the semester every student had exceptionally good marks. In actual fact the class was comprised of average students, with average intelligence. She expected them to do well and they responded according to how they were treated.

The Classics:

There are many books on attitude and positive thinking to choose from, the following is a list of some of my favorites:

  1. Napoleon Hill, Revised edition. Think and Grow Rich, New York: Wilshire, 1973.
  2. Norman Vincent Peal, The Power of Positive Thinking, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1973.
  3. David Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big, New York: Cornerstone library, 1969
  4. Raymond Hull, How to Get What You Want, New York: Hawthorne Books, 1969
  5. James Allen, As a Man Thinkith, Fleming H. Renell Company.
  6. John Lee Baughman, Beyond Positive Thinking, New York: Harper and Row, 1974.
  7. U.S. Anderson, The Greatest Power in the World. California: Wilshire book Co. 1977.
  8. Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. New York: Simon and Shuster. 1989.
  9. Thaddeus Golas, The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment. Redway California: Bantam books, 1972.
  10. Zig Ziglar, See You at the Top. Dallas TX: Pelican, 1975.
  11. Venice Bloodworth, The Key to Yourself. Marina Del Ray, California: De Vorss and company, 1978.

More Recent Books, But Still Classics:

  1. Dan Millman, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Thilburn, CA: H. J. Cramer Inc. 1984.
  2. Blair Justice, Who Gets Sick. Los Angeles CA: Peak Press, Houston, 1988.
  3. Bernie Siegel, Peace, Love, and Healing. New York:Harper & Row, 1989.
  4. Gilles Lamarshe, Steering Your Ship Called Life. Timmons ON.: Bounde De Montreal, 1997.
  5. Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power. New York: Fireside, 1997.
  6. Wayne Dwyer, Wisdom of the Ages. New York: Harper Collins, 1998.
  7. Zig Ziglar, Something to Smile About, Nashville: Thomas Nelson, Inc. 1977.

You will notice I have given you many books to choose from. The reason is that this is one of the more important facets of your life to master. If you do not master these personal abilities, then you are destined to be led around by the nose and do what other people want you to do. The motivation obtained from reading these books will make a tremendous difference in your life and enable you to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

  1. How Do I Choose a Doctor Who Gets Results?

Ideally, you should all come see me, but that may not be practical for everyone. However, every town and city has competent people to help you make the necessary corrections to regain your health.

You may need several coaches, a Chiropractor, a Naturopath, an NLP practitioner, a knowledgeable health food store owner, an Electro Dermal Screening Practitioner, a certified Darkfield Microscope Analyst, a Colonic therapist, a massage therapist, a physiotherapist, a personal exercise trainer, and a N.O.T. (Neural Organization Technique) cranial adjusting practitioner.

I teach a course in Cranial Adjusting and I am training Chiropractors to do this technique. The technique is called Cranial Adjusting Turner Style or C.A.T.S.. Consult, my website for workshop dates and locations.

Of all of these, the hardest one to find will be the cranial adjuster. The technique that I use for cranial adjusting, I learned from a Chiropractor in New York named Dr. Carl Ferreri D.C. He has trained hundreds of Chiropractors in the States and a few in Canada. As we train more Chiropractors in this type of treatment, a referral list will be available on our website.

If there isn’t a N.O.T. practitioner in your area, or one that has been trained in our technique, then a Sacral Cranial practitioner is the next best thing. But that’s like comparing massage to Chiropractic.

There are good restaurants and there are some restaurants that are not quite so good. There are some excellent practitioners and there are some that are not as good. You can’t call up a Dr. and ask how good they are. Therefore, what you have to do is visit your local health food store and ask them which practitioners they recommend. The reason for this source is that the people in your town that are interested in health will frequent a health food store, and the owner should be familiar with the practitioners who have the type of expertise you’re looking for.

I suggest avoiding the “self-help” FM/CFS associations in town because they are not usually interested in correcting their condition. As one of my patient’s calls these meetings, “pity parties”.

I’ve lectured to several of these associations and find that they are just interested in whining and complaining about their problems and not too interested in doing whatever is necessary to correct their conditions.

Two examples:

  1. I recently lectured to a Fibromyalgia Association nearby. In an hour and a half I gave them a pretty comprehensive explanation of what Fibromyalgia was and how to treat it. Of the 60 people that were there, only three people did anything about it. These three people came to the office and followed the treatment protocol, consequently they all experienced excellent results. When they were much better they went back to this association and told everybody what and how they had done; but no one else came to the office for treatment, amazing isn’t it?
  2. In another city the president of the Fibromyalgia association is very negative and is of the opinion that nothing can be done for FM/CFS and discourages his members from seeking out any alternative care. He goes so far as to say that “Turner is just like any other chiropractor, he doesn’t do anything different”. He says this in spite of the fact that many of his members have come to our office and achieved complete recoveries.

Find Practitioners That You’re Comfortable With and Who Have the Following Characters:

  1. Check out their reputation to make sure they are getting good results with your type of condition. The Health Food Store is a good place to get referrals.
  2. Seek out practitioners that have published articles or have had newspaper articles done about their practice.
  3. Find a practitioner who has written a book on your condition. This enables you to check out their approach before you see them.
  4. Do not be scared away by an office that is very busy and takes several weeks (even months), to get in. This is a sign that the practitioner is getting results or people would not be lining up.
  5. Just because a practitioner is busy does not mean he will not take the time necessary to do a good job. In our office we set-aside specific times for new patients and allow sufficient time for a thorough consultation and examination.
  6. If you’re not happy with your practitioner’s approach, or bedside manner, it is advisable to shop around and find one that you can work with, because it is your health that is at stake and it is the most important asset you have.
  7. Unfortunately the socialist medical mentality prevalent in both Canada and the States has everybody thinking that the insurance companies and governments will pay for all their health care. This is not the case. They only pay for the medical model and alternative health care is largely uninsured. Check out chapter 5 and you will understand why this is happening.

Your Health is Your Responsibility

It is the most important asset that you have. Many people spend hundreds of dollars a month on life insurance that they will never see. These same people are reluctant to spend any money on their present-day-health. When, in actual fact, the best life insurance you can get is a healthy body. Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent on recreation, TVs, entertainment, junk food, cigarettes, liquor, and recreational drugs, but people are hesitant to spend money on preventative health care.

Facts of Life:

  • If you want to be healthy, it is going to require a financial investment on your part.
  • Good health is the best investment you will ever make.
  • Remember that sooner or later it all comes down to your health.
  • You can have all the money in the world but without your health it doesn’t matter much.
  1. Prevention

As mentioned in chapter 4, the health that you have today was determined by the choices that you made 20 or 30 years ago. In order to insure you’re going to be healthy in your 60’s and 70’s the choices you make today (assuming you’re 30 or 40) determine how healthy you will be when you get that old.

The idea that I’ll quit smoking later, or I’ll start exercising soon, or maybe I should lose some weight in the new year don’t quite fit with the philosophy that what you do today affects your health 20 years from now.

If you have FM/CFS then you’re at the bottom of the himm and in order to be concerned about prevention, first you need to get to the top of the hill. It’s hard work to get up the hill, but if you start to coast, it’s not long before you slide back down the hill again.

It is easy to be healthy. Just take it one step at a time. With each piece of the puzzle corrected comes more energy to accomplish the next step. Next thing you know you are feeling much better and doing things you were not able to do for years. Stuck to it you will be very pleased with the results.

  1. How Can I Clean Up my Environment?

Avoiding toxins in the home:

FM/CFS patients must clean up their home environment and eliminate their exposure to the toxic chemicals found in most household and personal care products. The products I am recommending that you avoid have known neurotoxic, (kills the nervous system), carcinogenic (cancer causing), and teratogenic (affects unborn fetus), health hazards.

The following is a suggested list of the types of products to avoid and a recommended substitute:

General Rules:

  1. Avoid all products with fragrances
  2. Avoid food with additives and preservatives
  3. Do not use fluoride
  4. Do not use chlorinated water
  5. Use natural, biodegradable, non-toxic products
  6. Avoid products with colouring (dyes)

Request a Material Safety Data Sheet from the manufacturers of the products you commonly use.

Potentially Hazardous Materials Added to Products:

Products Avoid Use Non-Toxic Products

1. Deodorant

Aluminum Chlorhydroxide

-most commercial deodorants


Health Food Store (HFS)

HFS-Lavalin, Tom’s

Queen Helene, crystals

2. Makeup Formaldehyde, preservatives, ammonia, fragrances, and petrochemicals Hypoallergenic, fragrance free products. HFS has all natural, nontoxic lines.
3. Soap Fragrances, deodorants, antibacterial soaps, Glycerin soaps, Ivory Nature Clean Castle soaps, Kiss my face, Dr. Bonners
4. Lotions Petroleum jelly (Vaseline), fragrances Almond oil, oxygenated olive oil, Vit. E
Products: Avoid Use Non-Toxic Products
5. Toothpaste All commercial brands that contain fluoride. Pepsodent, HFS-Tom’s, Nature’s gate. Microbrite
6. Hairspray Aerosols containing alcohol propellants, petrochemicals and fragrances, PVP, PVM, BHA, DEA, Dyes. Non-aerosol, non-fragrance, Many brands in HFS, Jason, Aubrey, Earth Science
7. Shampoo & Conditioner Fragrances, petrochemicals, coal tar, formaldehyde. HFS, Aubrey, Earth Science, Tom’s, Kiss My Face
8. Shaving Cream Fragrances, petrochemicals HFS- Aubrey, Logana, Jason
9. Hair Colouring Petrochemicals, toxic dyes Logana Henna products
10. Sunscreen Petrochemicals, (zinc oxides contain lead) HFS-non-toxic, Milk Creek Nature’s Care
Household Products:
1. Laundry Detergents Chlorine, fragrances, Ethoxylated alcohol Unscented Arm and Hammer Washing soda, Borax, HFS- many brands of non-toxic fragrance free brands
2. Dishwasher soap Formaldehyde, fragrances petroleum based, dyes Use latex gloves, ivory Borax, Baking Soda, Vinegar and water, Borax
3. All-Purpose Cleanser Ammonia, Fragrance Vinegar and water, Borax, HFS- Many brands
4. Glass Cleaner Ammonia, fragrance Vinegar and water
5. Furniture Polish Petrochemicals, fragrances Lemon oil
6. Disinfectants Ammonia, chlorine Hydrogen peroxide, Borax
7. Air Fresheners Perfumes/fragrances Essential oils, Borax, baking soda, white vinegar
8. Mold and Mildew Disinfectants Dehumidifier, Borax, Hydrogen peroxide
Lawn and Garden:
1. Weed sprays Herbicides, pesticides, dioxin, Agent Orange, Insecticides, Chemical fertilizers Mulching, natural fertilizers, manual weeding
1. Flea products Carbamates De-worm, Borax, If you are really sick, avoid pets altogether.
Pest Control:
1. Pesticides Organophosphate, Carbonate, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, DDT, Chlorpyrifos (Dursban), Diazinon, Malathion, Carbarly (Sevin) Keep a clean house, cover garbage, use Borax, Boric Acid, Perma Proof products
2. Bug repellants Diethyltoluamide (DEET) Skin So Soft (Avon), Citronella
3. Flea Collars Carbamates Natural Pet Company
Products Avoid Use Non-Toxic Products
4. Lice Parathion, Lindane, Pyrethrins Tea Tree Oil
Building Materials:
1. Carpets Latex backing, stain resistant antimicrobial 100% nylon backing
2. Paint Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Mercury, Lead Non VOC paints, Glidden 2000
3. Paneling All pressed woods, Formaldehyde Woods treated with non-toxic stains and oils
4. Insulation Urea Formaldehyde, Asbestos No formaldehyde or asbestos
1. Natural Gas Carbon Monoxide Proper ventilation, Ensure peak efficiency, Put cheesecloth over vents
2. Barbeque Do not eat the black parts, PAH’s Cook on low heats, Vertikal Grill
3. Microwave Free Radicals Baking, Broiling
Cat Litter Urine vapours in the air Litter Green
Electromagnetic Fields Hydro lines, Transformers, Electric blankets, Microwave, Appliances; TV, Computer, copiers, cell phone Do not live close to these, avoid. No microwave.

36 inches away, short calls only

Noise Traffic, Loud Rap Music Classical Jazz

Labeling of Household and Personal Care Products

It is very difficult to make informed, healthy choices about the products we purchase based on the labeling, because the standards for labeling are inadequate.

There are many agencies in place that are supposed to “protect” us, unfortunately they do not adequately advise us of the potential health hazards present in the products we purchase. This is partially because the manufacturers are not providing these agencies with a full disclosure of the contents of their products. Especially, when it pertains to carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and teratogenic ingredients.

Protection Agencies:

  1. FDA. labels for cholesterol, but not for carcinogenic or neurotoxic ingredients.
  2. The Department of Agriculture allows meat to be contaminated with bacteria, as well as growth hormones and carcinogenic drugs.
  3. The Environmental Protection Agency still allows many pesticides to be sprayed or added to our crops, while trying to “manage the consumer risk”.
  4. Consumer Product Safety Commission requires labeling for poisons, irritating and caustic materials, as well as flammable ingredients. However, they do not require labeling for carcinogenic, neurotoxic, or teratogenic ingredients.
  5. The National Cancer Institute’s statistics are very revealing. Cancer rates are up substantially; 1 American in 3 will have cancer.


You must become educated about your health and the products you consume. You most definitely cannot rely on these agencies to inform you of the full dangers of the products they approve.

Recommended Shopping List of the Common Items Consumed in the Household.

This information is taken from The Safe Shoppers Bible by Steinman & Epstein

The three main ingredients necessary for most cleaning projects are: 1. Borax, 2. Distilled White vinegar, 3. Arm and Hammer’s Baking Soda.

Shopping List:

  1. Glass Cleaner: ½ distilled water to ½ distilled white vinegar
  2. Furniture Polish: (dusting) 1-teaspoon olive oil to ½ cu distilled white vinegar (polish) 1 part olive oil to 1 part vinegar
  3. Floor Cleaner: ½ cup Borax to 2 gallons of water, or 1 cup of vinegar to a pail of water
  4. Dishwashing Liquid: Ivory Dishwashing Liquid
  5. Dishwasher: Shaklee Basic D
  6. Scouring Pads: SOS
  7. Laundry Detergent: Dr. Bronners Sal/Suds,
  8. Hand Soap: Dr. Bronners, Kiss My Face, Zest, Pure castle soap, Glycerin soap
  9. Fabric Softener: Arm and Hammer Fabric Softener
  10. Cleansers: Baking soda, 1 teaspoon – Borax, 2 tablespoons – Distilled White Vinegar
  11. Carpet Cleaner: Baking soda to deodorize and Borax to disinfect. Professional cleaners – ChemDry.
  12. Stain Remover: Shout liquid, Borax
  13. Oven Cleaner: Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner. (Pump)
  14. Paints: Glidden 2000 flat wall paint
  15. Pesticides: Diphenamid
  16. Cat Litter: Little Green
  17. Flea Collars: Natural Pet Company
  18. Flea and Tick Products: Natural Pet Company
  19. Car Waxes: Turtle Waxes
  20. Artists Paints: Alexander Oil Colors
  21. Shampoo: Ivory (all formulas), Aubrey, Earth Science, Logana
  22. Toothpaste: Microbrite, Tom’s non-fluoride
  23. Insecticides: Mosquito Packs. Order from
  24. Antiseptics: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, Oil of Oregano
  25. Lice: Tea Tree Oil
  26. Deodorant: Lavolin, Queen Helene Vit E stick
  27. Shaving Cream: Logan’s, Paul Pender’s, Aubrey, and Jason
  28. Antibiotics: Vit C, Echinacea & Goldenseal, and ozone


  1. D. Steinman, and S. Epstein, The Safe Shopper’s Bible, New York: Macmillan, 1995. To order, (this book is a must have)

I highly recommend you get this book. The list above is very short; there are many more choices in this book. There is a mail order section in the book to order the products.

  1. C. Fincher, Healthy living in a Toxic World, Colorade: Pinon Press, 1996.
  2. M. Breecher, S. Linde, Healthy Homes in a Toxic World, New York: John Wiley & sons, 1992.

Websites: search natural cleaning products for products available in your area.

Important Note:

Plants in the House

Certain plants are extremely beneficial to have in the house because of their ability to detoxify the air. The best two plants are: Spider plants and Golden Pothos. Place these types of plants in the toxic areas of the house: kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and the rooms with fireplaces.

  1. How Can I Improve My Relationships?

There are many relationships to be considered.

Family relationships can be the hardest ones to deal with because you can’t just abandon your kids, brothers and sisters, or mothers and fathers. If problems cannot be worked out or someone is totally unreasonable, then eventually these people are best ignored. These people won’t go away, however, you don’t want to be confronted with their “baggage”.

Therefore, when you do, remember it is their baggage and you do not have to get emotionally involved in their stuff. Remain outside the situations as an observer looking in and not letting your emotions get involved.

Sounds easy. Just takes a little practice. I have been accused of being too strong, or not having any feelings about certain situations when I choose not to get emotionally involved. But sometimes it is the only way to deal with unrealistic, illogical, hysterical, demanding, and pushy people.

The relationship with your children is very special and is cultivated over many years. There are times when the children seem unappreciative, indifferent, selfish, know-it-all’s, disrespectful, argumentative, and uncaring. This is usually just a stage that they are going through in expressing their independence. This is usually the result of the way they have been treated in their upbringing.

If people are treated with respect and taught the things necessary to be self-sufficient and given the space to demonstrate their maturity, then the incidence of these problems would be less. I find the children that have the most problems are the ones that have been over protected by their parents and taught the parent’s fears and phobias.

When my children were very young they would be in the playground hanging upside down on the monkey bars and a meddling mother would tell them, “Don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself”. I had taught my boys that they could do these things without any mention of hurting themselves. Their answer to this lady was “no we won’t hurt ourselves”. The lady turned to me and said, “what rude little boys”. My reply to her was, “Maybe it’s you who was being rude, trying to impose your fears and insecurities on my kids”.

The hardest thing for most parents to do is let their children make mistakes and allow them to learn from the consequences. My philosophy has been to make their environment safe and let them experiment with their abilities. Of course that’s easier for me to say, because if they hurt themselves I can fix them.

Work relationships:

If you are in a work situation where you have a suppressive relationship with a coworker, you need to either work it out or find something else that suits you better. Since it is very difficult to get anyone else to change, it is often easier for you to change how you look at situations. You can look at this problem as a challenge; you can step back and stay emotionally uninvolved. In some cases it’s important to decide that there is something inside of you that is bigger than this situation and you’re not going to give anybody permission to make you feel inferior. In other cases it’s time to stand up for your rights and fight back.

Spousal Relationships:

This is such an important topic that it is on my list of books to write in the future.

Spousal Relationships are Extremely Complex. It is very rare that everything fits together and two people are totally compatible. Therefore, compromise is necessary for compatibility to occur.

You can be doing everything right, or so you think, and you or your partner can reach a point in your life where unresolved emotional baggage surfaces. The person focuses on that baggage and the relationship can become strained. If there is not enough discipline or knowledge of communication and the strategies to resolve situations, then separations occur.

Back in the times when the holy books were written it was stated, “Let no man put asunder.” In those times life expectancy was 22, at 13 you checked out the possibilities, at 15 you got married, and you had 7 years left. There was no time for the middle age identity crisis, or changing your beliefs, or becoming dissatisfied with your occupation. You were toast before there was any time to put anything asunder.

The amount of knowledge our parents accumulated in their lifetime, children today are exposed to by grade 4 or 5. Our ability to grow and acquire knowledge has accelerated at such an enormous rate that people will grow apart if they do not make a conscious effort to grow together. Stuart Wilde’s philosophy is that: “We are here to experience relationships and come together for growth, not for life. If it lasts for a lifetime, that’s great. But, if it reaches a point where you cease to grow, then it is time to split”.

Today, life expectancy is 120 years and the potential for growth is infinite. If people grow in different directions it will produce a snag. This is like a snag in the zipper of your coat, every time you do it up it catches. Relationships are similar, everytime a certain issue comes up there is a snag unless it is worked out and goals clearly redefined.

To give you an idea of the complexity of the elements involved in a relationship, consider that the long list that follows must all fit together somehow: Background, upbringing, culture, traditions, religion, politics, education, experiences, attitudes, beliefs, ideas, dreams, goals, ambition, likes and dislikes, size, shape, appearance, colour, sensitivities, abilities, skills, cleanlikness, hygiene, health and health views, diet, habits, energy levels, athletic ability, parent’s values and appearance, responsibility and commitment levels, self discipline, ability to love and be loved, skill at making love, sex drive, past relationships, communication skills, consideration level, activities, interests, friends, smoking, drinking, drugs, how stress is handled, problem solving, and we must not miss the kids. The person’s ability to change, adapt, learn, look, compromise, and be flexible all influences the possibility of eliminating snags.

Did you stop to consider all of these elements before you got married? I did, and my marriage only lasted 14 years. I thought I had the perfect person that fit all the requirements. Then, after 14 years and 6 kids she went in a totally different direction from our original plan.

To make a relationship work and form a “perfect union” it becomes necessary to compromise on many of the above elements, or else you have a snag. Although some of these elements may be different, they can compliment each other when there is a desire and a plan to make things work.

The Cycle of Relationships

Our parents, and their parents (assuming we are baby boomers) grew up with the culturally accepted roles in relationships, of the dominant male, subservient female roles of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. I am sure you have heard the following statement many times, “the man is the king of his castle”, and the female must obey for fear of physical retribution.” In the 80’s and 90’s the females started to rebel, saying, “I am not a doormat, I have rights and abilities and I want a say.” The females were seeking independence. In the 90’s it was: “let’s communicate, nurture one another, support one another, and we have needs other than sex”.

Today the men are saying okay, “we appreciate your needs, we are willing to do our part in the house’.

People resonate at different levels of energy and responsibility and they are at different levels of awareness. It is important to choose someone who is at basically the same levels as you.

Energy Levels

High energy empowers you, while low energy infringes and restricts you. Obviously these two would not mix well. An example is the man who comes home after work and spends the rest of the evening on the couch watching sit-coms and ordering the wife to bring more beer and pretzels. Conversely, the wife lying on the couch all day watching soap operas, eating crackers, and is still in her nightgown when the husband gets home from work. Neither of these situations is very appealing nor do they have much consideration or responsibility toward themselves or the relationship.

The lower level of energies is where everyone wants you to do what they do: drink beer, eat junk food, smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, go to church, do what you are told, get your kids vaccinated.

Higher levels of energy are free thinkers, individuals who are creative, inventive, and unique. They make things happen and do not usually follow the crowd.

Awareness Levels

Some people are not even aware that there are levels of awareness, I will explain

  1. The physical level is where we start out in most relationships. This is the level where sex originates and is the dominant part of relationships.
  2. Emotional level is where there are lots of confrontations, arguments, and upsets. This is very tiring. The first two levels are where the parties tend to be very manipulative and controlling.
  3. The next level is the intellectual or mental level; here is where there is communication and understanding.
  4. The philosophical level is where the meaning and purpose of things is explored.
  5. The spiritual level is the next. This is not religion, far from it. At this level you are not dependent on someone out there to blame for the misfortunes in your life or control your life. This is where a person has evolved to such a degree of knowledge and self worth that they are happy to be themselves and are content to be by themselves for periods of time. They are leaders not followers. Most importantly they can allow others to be who they are.


Noone is perfect, there must always be compromise in order to coexist, but how do you reach an equitable compromise? In order to accomplish a compromise without a lot of confrontation and antagonism a few parameters must be established:

  • Purpose: The purpose of the marriage must be put down in writing.


  • Raise a healthy happy family.
  • Learn and grow together.
  • Love and respect each other.
  • Have the two of us achieve the highest level of accomplishment and awareness possible.
  • To develop together on all levels.
  • Increase our knowledge and understanding of each other enabling us to cooperate and allow each other their freedom.
  • Direction: Establish a sense of direction, so that everyone is working in the same direction. Setting family or relationship goals can do this.
  • Communication: Establish rules for communication.


  • Each person gets to have his or her say, uninterrupted. The next person has their say, only when the first is finished.
  • Make sure you acknowledge the other person’s opinion before giving yours.
  • Say only what you mean. Take only from what is said.

This last point is such a big item. If you and your mate can master this it eliminates so much misunderstanding and assumption. If you are looking for problems, that is what you will find. If you are trying to interpret the other person’s thoughts and reading hidden meanings into their statements then you will create many problems.

  • Methods of Handling Upsets

Traditionally every situation is handled with an upset. Decide that upsets are not appropriate and you no longer wish to participate in that tradition. Establish a different method to resolve situations. First re-confirm your purpose. Then it is easier to look at problems, because the solutions are either on purpose or they are not. If it is the other person in the relationship that uses anger to hide behind and not confront, then state to yourself, and in some cases to your mate, I am no longer intimidated by your (upset, anger, yelling, and or swearing).

Confront the situation. Our motto is to never go to sleep with an unresolved problem on the table. Establish a safe place for discussion, state the issue and offer solutions not complaints.

  • Put-downs: it must be emphasized here that put downs do not encourage the other person to change. Actually most people will rebel against put-downs and defiantly not change to save face. Your objective is to build up your mate, not tear them down.
  • Responsibility: You are only responsible for your own actions and reactions, nothing else. You chose how things are going to affect you. Do not give permission to the other person to make you feel inferior.

Establish responsibilities and the importance of each role. I wish I had done this one when I first got married, if you don’t, the male is responsible for the female even after the divorce. The legal system is set up like this and unless you establish that the female is responsible to maintain herself in the possibility of separation, the male gets nailed. Some females play the system and consider the divorce option as their retirement plan and never make any attempt to support themselves. Do you detect a little resentment in this statement? I also know of situations where the roles are reversed.

  • Agreements: Make written agreements regarding: purpose, communication, upsets, and finances.
  • Integrity: Keep your word. Doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it instills a great deal of respect from everyone. Never give your word unless you fully intend to keep it.
  • Things That Don’t Work:
  • Control/revenge; with this as your objective, there is little chance of harmony.
  • Right/wrong; there is no right or wrong, only consequences. It is not who is right but what is best for everyone that is important. There is no right or wrong, only thinking makes it so.
  • Yours/mine; make sure the non-working partner is acknowledged and is encouraged to contribute in other ways.
  • I love you more; each person loves in different ways, it is not necessarily more.
  • Recreate the Love Every Day: When I do relationship presentations I will kid and say that the woman needs to be reminded every day that they are loved. I know that if i am not told often, I know that there is something wrong.

For a relationship to continue it has to be worked on and reinforced every day or it will start to slip away. Make plans, schedule holidays, evenings out, dinners out, surprise her with tickets to special events, make it part of your day. Above all look after your health and appearance. It amazes me the number of people, even young people, who let themselves go as soon as they get married.

  • Sex: We cannot forget the importance of sex. Although it is expressed mainly on the physical level it can incorporate all the other levels as well. Emotionally it is a method of expressing one’s love for each other. Mentally, it is a challenge to keep it always fresh and interesting. Philosophically, sex is intertwined in many aspects of life. Spiritually, when you can allow the other person to experience who they are, unselfishly, through the art of giving pleasure, then you have achieved the spiritual level sexuality.
  • Happiness: Happiness is the decision you make on how you are going to be now. Not when this happens or that happens but now, regardless of circumstances. Happiness comes from within, not from others or outside situations.
  • Our Dominant Thoughts: What we chose to think and say today, in this moment, determines what tomorrow will bring. Your most powerful tool is what you are thinking in the present moment. All you ever have is now.

Unfortunately, what most of us believe are other people’s opinions that we have accepted and incorporated into our belief system. Dare to be different and think for yourself. The statement, “Nine out of ten doctors recommend….” I want to know what it is that the tenth doctor knows that the other nine do not. Be willing to change your thoughts and think differently than others, change your words (self talk) and watch how your life will change for the better.

“The way to control your life is to control your choice of words and thoughts”.

Louise Hay.

  • “There is no Failure, Only Lessons”. Steward Wilde. If you don’t learn from your lessons you get to do them again.Look for the things that empower you and go for it. The things that restrict you; let them go. A good question to ask yourself when you are considering relationships or religion is: does it empower or restrict me?
  • The Whole Purpose of Relationships is to Develop Yourself on all Levels You need to be working on improving yourself, constantly.
  • Discipline: Discipline is keeping your word to yourself. It is the ability to do what you say you are going to do even when no one else is around or would find out. The more discipline you have the more powerful you will be.


  • The best place to start is by supporting the other person. When you support the other person, everyone’s energy is increased, the family becomes stronger, and understanding is also increased. If the working mate supports the interests of the other, self worth, productivity, and willingness to communicate is increased in the non-working partner.
  • Recognizing their input will allow the non-working person the space to express their individuality.
  • Both the male and female need to have time to do their own thing. This helps to create a balance in the relationship.
  • When you stop giving of your energy to create a healthy relationship you start to pull in negative situations and people.

The situation is a little different when both partners are working. The rules are still the same. Establish responsibilities both household and financial. It is necessary to be very flexible in this arrangement, in that one can cover the other in any situation. Again a purpose is essential and the methods of communication must be established.

Relationships must be recreated on a daily basis.

Relationships that last are worked on everyday.

  1. Taking Responsibility

The important point is that: Your health is your responsibility. No one else’s. It’s not the doctor’s, it’s not the government’s, it’s not the hospitals; it’s yours and only yours.

We must stop blaming other people for our problems, especially health problems. If your health is not good, you can change it. Of course someone is going to come along and say, “I have this physical disability and therefore I can’t do such and such”. The books are full of success stories of people who have overcome tremendous obstacles, both physical and mental, to achieve success in their life.

You must realize that you are responsible for where you are now, and that your present circumstances are the result of the choices that you have already made in your life. You have the power to change everything about your life, your health, financial position, relationships, occupation, and even your appearance. Decide what it is that you want to change and find out everything there is to know about how to do it.


Max Cleland, Strong at the Broken Places, New York: Berkley books, 1982.

How to Take Responsibility:

  • Remember, first comes the goal, then the knowledge, which must be followed by consistent and persistent actions. This will produce the desired changes.
  • Decide how and what you want to be; then make it happen.
  • Accept no excuses. Give no excuses. Never give up.
  • Do not settle for inferior treatment, or incompetent advice.
  • Settle only for the best when it comes to your health.
  • There is always someone who has the answers to your question.
  • Face your fears and you can overcome them.
  • Nothing gets done until you stand up and face the consequences.
  • It’s never too late to decide that you want to make things better.
  • The only way to get what you want is to ask for it.

It is an incredible motivator for me to be told, “it can’t be done”, or “you can’t do that”. One of the most motivating limitations that were ever said to me was, when my grade 8 teacher who told me, “You will never amount to anything”. I would like to meet him now.

If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.

  1. What Can I Do About My Income Level?

Since it is going to cost a few dollars to get healthy it may be necessary to establish a budget, if your income is limited. The first thing to do is have a look at where you’re spending your money, make a list and arrange them in priorities.


  1. Food 2. Rent/Mortgage 3. Heat and Hydro 4. Phone 5. Transportation 6. Clothing 7. Entertainment 8. Junk food 9. Snacks 10. Cigarettes 11. Alcohol

It becomes obvious that there are some items on this list that can be eliminated if you’re serious about getting healthy. Every time we’ve done this for people who said they didn’t have any money to spend on health-care they realized that they were spending a lot on items that were actually making them unhealthy.

Rearrange your priorities and make the decision that you will make things work. As you start to regain your health, one of the first signs you notice is more energy, and with more energy you’re able to do more things. This means you will be able to be more productive, and if you are already working, this means you can bring in more income. If you’re unemployed now, you will have the energy to go out and work. Or, you may choose to start a home-based business; there are many opportunities available today. The computer industry and internet access have opened up a whole new approach to business that you may want to look into.

  1. How Can I Control My Reactions?

“How we react is more important than what we are reacting to”. “Our attitudes and beliefs ultimately affect how we look at stressful situations. This influences the chemicals that are secreted by the brain, which affects our hormone production and the ability of the immune system to defend us”.

Controlling one’s reactions to situations is the key here. Unfortunately, most of us react instinctively to other people’s “stuff”. For example: Your spouse comes at you in an argumentative irritated tone about some trivial matter and your response is immediately defensive and in the same argumentative irritated tone. You have matched their tone and the fight is on.

Suggestion: Do not match their tone, remain who you are and do not let them take you away from your stable position. Realize that it is “their stuff” they are working through and you do not need to be sucked into their emotional upsets. Sounds good, but how am I possibly going to accomplish that?

There Are Several Techniques for Remaining in Control in Emotional Situations

  1. Do not react or respond immediately. Take a breath; count to 10, and think about the best possible response to the situation. The best possible response is where everybody wins; (this is called a win-win situation).
  2. Another technique is to look “up” when confronted with a potentially upsetting situation. Try this, you will discover, it is very difficult to remain or get upset when you’re looking “up”.
  3. There is an acupuncture point called the happy point that can be stimulated in situations where you would prefer to be happier. The point is located on the lateral aspect of the elbow, at the end of the fold in the skin, when you bend your elbow 90 degrees. Take your fingernail and stimulate the point five times, repeat four more sets of 5 for a total of 25 stimulations (five times five).
  4. When my kids were younger, the older ones would tease the younger ones. I explained to the younger ones that this was just a game and if they reacted, they lost. The solution was, not to react, if they didn’t react there was no longer any game. The older ones would get bored if the younger ones did not react and move on to something else. The younger ones had won the game. Therefore, do not react to being teased, or goaded or being pushed into an argument. It doesn’t take long before this vame becomes very boring to the other person when you do not react. Then you have won. Actually, you’ve won on two counts. 1st you didn’t react, and 2nd there isn’t any more teasing or arguing.
  5. Instead of looking at situations as “stressful”, you will find it much more beneficial to consider the situations as “challenges”. When we are stressed it overpowers us.

When we are challenged, we rise to the occasion.

This simple approach will make a tremendous difference in how you look at life.

How you look at things is what makes the difference in how they turn out.

  • Everyone has the power to control his or her own mind.
  • No one has the power to make you feel inferior or inadequate unless you give him or her permission. Do not give them permission.
  • Look for the good in people, places, and situations and that’s what you’ll find.
  • Expect the best of others and give the best of yourself.
  • The hole that you give through is exactly the same size as a hole that you will receive through.
  • What you give out is what you will receive.
  • What goes around comes around.
  • Advertisites are sent to us, to see what we are made of.
  • Smile, you look better when you smile, you feel better when you smile. When you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside.
  • Say something nice to everyone, approach only to cheer, speak only to inspire.

I apologize for not giving credit to the originators of these quotes. I have been saying these things for 25 to 30 years and do not remember exactly where they came from. These quotes have eventually become a part of me and I use them as my own, with some slight variations from the original quotes.

The Significance of Getting Subluxations Corrected?

The significance of subluxation has been explained in previous chapters. I hope you understood that concept. Because, many of the people that come to us with FM/CFS are doing some of the things that we suggest in the book but they’re not addressing the most significant factor in their health, that being the subluxations in the spine and skull. If the subluxations are not corrected the level of health achieved will never be satisfactory.

Subluxations in the spine produce pain that can be directly associated with the tender points of Fibromyalgia. Subluxations also cause organs to malfunction, which is directly related to the organ malfunctions associated with FM/CFS.

How Do I Find Out if I Have Subluxations?

There is only one way to detect subluxations and that is to see a Chiropractor. No one else is trained in the detection and correction of subluxations like Chiropractors. I have my x-rays taken at local hospitals and the reports that we get back from the hospitals never mention subluxations. They actually state that the positioning of the vertebrae is normal, when in fact there is as much as half an inch of rotational subluxation evident on the x-ray. The radiologists are not trained in the art of detecting subluxations; consequently, the subluxations are missed.

Choosing a Chiropractor

All chiropractors must pass the state and provincial board examinations upon completion of four years of Chiropractic College to insure the public of uniform competence. As it is in all walks of life, some people are better at what they do than she will be your greatest ally in attaining optimal health. The following is an outline of the procedures done in most Chiropractic offices.

Chiropractic Procedures

The Initial Consultation

The purpose of this initial visit is to determine the causes of the patient’s health problems. Very rarely is a condition caused by one factor, more often there are many different causes, which combine to produce the presenting condition. In order to determine all of the causative factors the following is included in the initial consultation form.

Lifestyle review, dietary habits, social toxins (coffee, alcohol and cigarettes), emotional and stress factors, activity and exercise level, environmental influences, genetic and hereditary factors are all areas that need to be evaluated.

Factors that can produce subluxations such as: traumatic birth processes, falls, accidents, sports injuries, physical abuse, and poor posture are questions, which need to be addressed.

The consultation forms also include a detailed case history of past and current symptoms and the treatments received. This information tells the Chiropractor what direction to take in the examination process.

The Examination

Thorough physical and Chiropractic examinations are done to evaluate the level of health of the patient and to determine if subluxations are present. The skilled hands of the Chiropractor can detect subluxations in the spine very quickly. In most cases, further X-ray examinations are required.

Chiropractors use x-ray as a definitive method of evaluating the exact position of the vertebrae and to determine if any pathology or degeneration is present. Chiropractors also use computer thermal detective devices to analyze the degree of muscular activity associated with the bones of the spine.


Often X-rays are necessary to confirm a diagnosis. They are used to detect arthritis, spurs, osteoporosis, fractures, tumors, and other pathology. Chiropractors use them specifically to determine the exact positional relationship of the vertebrae. The information gained from the X-Rays enable the Chiropractor to make specific recommendations on the severity of the subluxations and the duration of the treatment necessary to make the appropriate corrections.

For years we were told that too much X-ray was dangerous. But no one was sure why. We were only advised not to take too many x-rays. What is being referred to here is the indiscriminate over-utilization practices of some hospitals and clinics that were doing repeated exposures were done 4 or 5 would suffice. Be careful; question the number of exposures and be wary of any doctor who say she must have his own set of x-rays, even though a set was recently done.

Today we know what x-rays do. X-rays produce Free Radicals. Check out the section on Free Radicals on page 84. In short – high heat, chemicals and high vibrational frequencies are: microwaves, cell phones, photocopiers, and x-rays. Since X-rays are so helpful and the benefits far outweigh any damage, we have developed an antidote to eliminate the harmful effects of the Free Radicals produced by X-rays.

X-Ray Antidote:

Since X-rays produce Free Radicals it is only logical that you would take supplements to counteract their production. The following is the recommended daily supplements and dosages to prevent and reverse Free Radical damage from X-rays. Take the following protocol for one week prior to the X-rays and three weeks after.

  • Vitamin A: 10,000 international units
  • Vitamin C: 4 to 5 grams
  • Vitamin E 800 international units
  • Selenium: 300 micrograms
  • Zinc: 50 milligrams
  • Microhydrin: 200 milligrams
  • Homeopathic remedies available in most Health Food Stores

Taking these products greatly reduces the harmful effects of x-rays. This renders thee x-rays a non-threatening process, providing essential diagnostic information, which would be otherwise unavailable, or hidden from the practitioner. Other testing may be ordered as well, depending on the Chiropractic fields of expertise and equipment available. Personally, we recommend the Electro Dermal Screening or Darkfield Microscope Analysis for everyone with FM/CFS to eliminate the guesswork about nutritional requirements and supplementation recommendations.

The First Adjustment

An adjustment is an intentional thrust made by the hands of the skilled Chiropractor to the patient’s spine (or other joints) with the intention of correcting the mal-position of the joint to a more favorable position. Each adjustment only moves the vertebrae a very small amount, the width of a hair.

The noise that you hear with an adjustment is a release of gas between the joints. The joints are together under pressure, this produces a vacuum, which is released when the vertebrae are adjusted, and this produces the clicking or popping sound. To experience this press your palms together getting all the air out between them, and then pull them apart quickly, this produces the same sound as an adjustment. The first time you have a neck adjustment it can startle you if it is not explained properly before the first adjustment “I know it sounds like I moved your neck halfway across the room but in actual fact it only moves a hair”.

The adjustment is not dangerous or harmful. If it were; Chiropractors malpractice insurance would not be only $600.00 to $1000.00 a year but $20,000.00 or $30,000.00 like the MD’s pay. In most cases the first adjustment relieves some of the pressure on the nerves and decreases the pain and/or symptoms immediately.

This may last for hours or days depending on the position of the nerve inside the hole between vertebrae. See figure 3 on page 74. In some people the bone is right on the nerve, producing pain or exaggerate the symptoms. This can be alarming to the uneducated patient because they think the adjustment is making the problem worse. This is not the case. It is actually a good sign; the Chiropractors are working in the correct area. The slight exaggeration of symptom is because the bone is right on the nerve and even though the vertebra was moved closer to the proper position, it still irritated the nerve. This irritation will not last long and soon it will become more comfortable as the pressure on the nerve is reduced with repeated adjustments.

What to Expect:

When I was an intern, my first patient in the Chiropractic College clinic was a lady who had headaches everyday for 17 years. I gave her my first clinical adjustment and she never had another headache. Can you imagine the satisfaction for both of us? I was already convinced that Chiropractic worked wonders but now I was sure I could do it too. In most cases the pain and symptoms diminish proportionately with the number of treatments received.

Phases of Treatment:

Phase one of the treatment programme is to move the vertebrae off the nerve and allow it to function properly, free from the interference that was causing the pain or malfunction.

Phase two of the treatment programme, once there are no symptoms, is to move the vertebrae back to “as close to the normal position as possible”.

Phase three is to maintain the vertebrae in its proper position, thereby enabling the patient to achieve optimum health, slow down the aging process, and prevent the vertebrae from returning to their former misaligned position.

Major Misconception

The major problem that Chiropractors encounter is that patients discontinue their care as soon as the symptoms/or pain diminishes. These patients we call the, “I told you so’s” because they return in a month or two saying, “my back went out again”. The problem here is the vertebrae had only been moved enough to take the direct pressure off the nerve, the proper position of the vertebrae had not yet been attained. Complete correction of the subluxations had not been achieved. Consequently, the patient was at high risk of irritating the nerve again. The slightest provocation of a cough or sneeze, or just bending over to pick up a toothbrush could cause the vertebrae to irritate the nerve.

It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of continuing the adjustment programme after the pain and symptoms have subsided to achieve complete correction. It is also equally important to maintain these corrections after you’ve achieved them.

I have been in practice now for 28 years, and with the experience of seeing over 25,000 new patients, I can confirm that the above will happen every single time if the corrections are not maintained. This also applies to lifestyle and nutritional changes. If you allow yourself to return to previous habits, your previous conditions will return.

Treatment Programme

In my office, an initial intensive care programme is recommended to eliminate the pain and symptoms and to make major progress in the second correction phase. At the completion of the initial intensive programme a re-x-ray is done to determine how much correction has been made and also to determine the readiness of the patient to progress to the second and third phase of the treatment programme.

A 50% correction of the positioning of the subluxated vertebrae is expected in the initial phase of treatment. Remember, we’re not just concerned about symptoms at this point; we are concerned with obtaining as much correction as possible. Our goal is to give the patient as much space around the nerve as we can to enable the patient to return to their former activities without the risk of irritating the nerves. At this point recommendations are made based on the progress and the amount of correction achieved on the X-rays.

In some cases there is sufficient correction to justify progressing to the maintenance phase of the treatment programme where we keep the vertebrae in this corrected position.


If you do not maintain the corrected subluxations they will return to their original misaligned position and the pain and symptoms will reoccur. Once you’ve had a subluxation, that area of the spine is a potential weak spot and will be the area where problems will reoccur if spinal integrity is not maintained with regular maintenance checkups.

Follow Through

The reason why most people don’t achieve a high level of health is because they don’t follow through with their recommended treatment programme. Why is it that as soon as the pain or symptom is gone the patient discontinued their recommended treatment programme? There are several factors involved in this type of decision.

  1. The major factor is a lack of understanding of how the body works and what actually causes sickness and disease. Hopefully, reading this book will give you a much better understanding and enable you to make informed decisions.
  2. The old medical philosophy of taking a drug to eliminate the symptom is still prevalent. The patient thinks that as soon as the pain is gone, then they are okay. This is an incorrect assumption because the cause of the pain has not been corrected and the symptoms have only been masked. Without the drugs, the symptoms would still be there. In most cases the use of drugs does not eliminate the symptoms, only masks them so you can’t feel them.
  3. Financial priorities become confused. Again the medical philosophy of “don’t worry about your health; we will look after you when you get sick” is also prevalent. “You are in good hands, we will look after you” is a grave misconception. The percentage of people who come out of the hospital after a stroke or heart attack is less than 50%. Do not leave it up to the medical doctors to bring you back to health. In many cases, it’s too late.

Almost everyone has life insurance for themselves and their loved ones. This is money you set aside every month so your loved ones will be looked after, when you die.

I have two objections to this policy:

  1. Nothing is paid out until you die.
  2. You don’t get any of the money.

I’m not totally against life insurance, but it should be called death insurance. Life insurance would be something you do to insure that you live. It makes far more sense to invest in attaining and maintaining good health to enable you to spend more time with your loved ones. This becomes a question of priorities.

  1. One of the most common excuses that I hear in the office is, “I don’t have enough time”. Today everyone is busy trying to make a living and make ends meet. Setting aside time to look after their health is not a priority. Health only becomes a priority when you don’t have it anymore. Is that what you’re going to take? Do you have to have a stroke or heart attack to motivate you to look after your health?

It is amusing to me how people cannot find time to look after their health. I am often asked, “How do you find time to do all the things you do?” (Run two clinics 2 ½ hours apart, raise 6 children and participate in most of their activities, have a “high maintenance” girlfriend, do three, 2 hour workouts a week, eat properly, write articles for magazines, and write a book all at the same time). The answer is; “I have my priorities straight, I’m very organized, disciplined, and I am determined to achieve my goals.”


When the pain is gone it is difficult for practitioners to motivate their patients to continue with the things necessary to promote good health, and prevent sickness, pain, and disease. They seem to be longer interested in the concepts that when the body is functioning ato 100% there is abundant energy to handle long hours and hard work. The mind is able to remember everything and be creative, inventive and competitive. This is enough motivation for some, but others are motivated by the fear of disease and pain. Unfortunately, the percentage of patients who do follow through and invest in their health while they still have it is very small. Usually, less than 5% make the commitment. The majority will always have health challenges, not be the least bit productive after the age of 65, not be able to enjoy their retirement and die before they reach 75.

Visualization Process to Increase Results From Adjustments

Over the years I’ve found the patients who receive the best adjustments are the ones that are relaxed during an adjustment. When the muscles are tense and the patient is fighting against the adjustment, it either won’t go or it is uncomfortable for the patient.

The trick is to get the patient to visualize the muscles relaxing and the vertebrae moving back toward the proper position.

Results Are What Count

Everyone is familiar with positive thinking and how it affects the way one feels. Scientists have proven with biofeedback techniques that you can alter your body temperature, lower or raise your blood pressure and pulse rate, and change the digestive juices being secreted by the stomach. They have also demonstrated that we possess the ability to relax muscles, improve circulation, and speed up healing. All of these phenomena have been measured electronically and proven scientifically. Therefore, we encourage our patients to use a visualization process to improve the results obtained through Chiropractic adjustments.

The Visualization Process

Before entering the office, leave your worries outside. Do not take them into the office with you. Leave them somewhere outside and you can pick them up after the treatment, if you still want them.

  • In the reception room:

Take a seat, relax, and remember why you’re there. Visualize yourself feeling better, healthier, and stronger. Let your muscles relax.

Do the full body relaxation technique if you have time or just the areas that are being treated, if there is not enough time. Tell the muscles in your feet to relax, feel them loosening up, notice the increased circulation, tell our body to send more oxygen supply to your feet.

Repeat this for the following muscle groups: calves, thighs, hamstrings, buttox, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms, and neck. Once you have done this a few times you are ready to tell the muscle groups to relax at the same time.

  • In the adjustment room:

Lie face up on the adjustment table, close your eyes, and breathe deeply, (in through the nose and out through the mouth). Feel your body sinking into the table and let your muscles relax even more.

  • During the adjustment:

During an adjustment, if both the doctor and the patient visualize the vertebrae moving back towards its proper position, the results are far superior. Visualize the muscles of the part of the body being adjusted, relaxing and see them letting go. Go with the adjustment; visualize the vertebrae moving back towards the proper position, releasing the pressure on the nerves that are causing your problems.

  • After the treatment:

Visualize the pressure coming off the nerves, increasing the nerve supply to the organs and tissues that had been cut off. If there’s pain, release the pain, visualize the pressure coming off the nerves. If there’s malfunction, visualize the ability to function improving in the organs supplied by these nerves. Visualize your body healing itself with this increase in nerve supply.

  • Between visits:

First thing in the morning or last thing at night is the best time to do a visualization process. Lie still, breathe deeply and go through the muscles of the spine and areas of concern and visualize them relaxing. At night is a good time to do the full body relaxation process.

Visualize yourself free of pain, healthy, having all of your organs functioning at 100% having abundant energy, happiness and success. You deserve all these things and you can achieve them. Just keep putting that picture there and replacing the old pictures that weren’t working for you.

How Do I Get Cranial Misalignments Corrected?

Cranial adjusting is a relatively new approach and there are not a lot of practitioners that can do this technique. My manual on Cranial Adjusting is completed and I am conducting workshops to teach other Chiropractors the technique. Contact our office and we will help you locate the nearest practitioner. See page 358 for assistance.

What is Cranial Adjusting?

When the bones in the skull become misaligned it put pressure on the structures immediately under that part of the skull. This causes pressure on the brain, which affects the brain’s ability to function. It can also interfere with the blood and nerve supply to and from that part of the brain. Whichever function this part of the brain performs is interfered with and results in the myriad of symptoms listed below.

Misalignments in the skull are caused by: birth traumas, accidents, sports injuries, physical abuse, car accidents and work related injuries. The skilled hands of a trained practitioner can gently and accurately realign the bones in the skull, producing results previously thought unattainable. Conditions such as: Learning Difficulties, ADD, ADHD, PDD, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Headaches, Brain Fog, Migraines, Seizures, Post Concussion Syndrome, Memory loss, Sleep Disorders, Loss of Concentration, Visual, Auditory and Speech difficulties, and many other cognitive disorders. Many of these symptoms are associated with FM/CFS.

Oxygen Therapy

Your body’s first line of defense, at the cellular level, against foregin invaders such as: parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus and yeast, is the production of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) by granulocytes.

The above organisms only thrive in an oxygen-depleted environment. They are anaerobic which means “to live without oxygen”. Therefore, by introducing more oxygen into these organisms will not survive.

History of Oxygen Therapy

“It’s not scientific” is the first opposition we hear. Well, there are 6100 published articles in the scientific literature about oxygen therapy. Therefore, whoever would say it’s unscientific is either not well read or is trying to hide something or maybe they don’t want you to know about it.

  • The scientific community has been aware of oxygen and its characteristics for over 200 years.
  • Joseph Priesly discovered oxygen in 1771.
  • Louis Jacques Thenard discovered hydrogen peroxide in 1818.
  • Christian Frederick Schonbein discovered ozone in 1840.
  • A.L. Cortelyon successfully treated diphtheria with hydrogen peroxide nasal spray in 1898.
  • 1901, Wiesbaden (West Germany) began using oxygen to purify drinking water.
  • 1915, A. Wolf used ozone as a local treatment for wounds.
  • 1919, Drs. Oliver and Murphy administered intravenous hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of cancer.
  • 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of cancer. “The primary cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the bodies cells by anaerobic (lacking in oxygen) cell respiration. Consequently, it follows that oxygen therapy could be an effective treatment of cancer”.
  • 1936, Payr and Aubourg introduced ozone into the rectum for the treatment of colitis and fistulate.
  • 1951, Lactose used ozone by direct injection on gangrene.
  • 1987, Dr. Hans Nelder, ozone therapist in Hanover Germany, “You wouldn’t believe how many FDA officials and their relatives and acquaintances come to see me as patients in Hanover, as well as directors of the AMA, and American Cancer Association. Why would they subject themselves to such questionable treatments?”
  • 1993, Dr C.H. Farr nominated for Nobel Prize in medicine. He was the primary researcher for hydrogen peroxide therapy in the U.S.
  • Two hundred years ago the oxygen content of the atmosphere was 40%. Today it is 20% and some cities are as low as 7%.
  • Today the following cities use ozone purification for their water: Florence, Italy; Zurich, Switzerland; Brussels, Belgium; Marseilles, France; Singapore, China; Moscow, Russia and Los Angeles, USA.
  • Penicillin is effective because of the formation of large amounts of H2O2 when glucose is oxidized by O2, in the presence of penicillin. From (General Biochemistry, Furton & Simmonds, 577.1, F 944, p. 339).
  • Interferon. Although very expensive, much of its healing effectiveness is due to its ability to stimulate the production of hydrogen peroxide and other oxygen properties, which activate the immune system. From (journal of Interferon Research, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1983, p. 143 — 151).
  • Vitamin C is essential to the proper use of oxygen by the cell. Vitamin C actually creates extra H2O2 in the body.
  • Organic Germanium is responsible for increasing the body’s oxygen supply as it contains an abundance of easily assimilated oxygen. From (“Miracle Cure, Organic Germanium, by Dr. P. Asai Japan Publications.)
  • Taheebo or Pau D’arco tea has been widely used in the treatment of Candida infections. This is because the bark of this tree, found in the Andes Mountains, has a high concentration of oxygen in crystalline from present in its inner bark.

Importance of Oxygen

Oxygen is the most vital nutrient for our survival. All of our body’s functions depend on it. The body cannot live without oxygen for more than three minutes. You will either go into a coma, suffering permanent brain damage or it could result in a premature permanent departure from the living state.

A lack of oxygen decreases the amount of energy the body can produce and interferes with the ability of every cell to perform its normal functions. Lack of oxygen decreases our defence mechanism against viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus.

Oxygen is the most important substance you can take into your body. It is more important than food, more important than water, and some people rank it more important than sex (just kidding).

How Does it Work?

Oxygen therapy applied to the human body destroys disease producing bacteria, virus, parasites, yeast, fungus, herpes, Epstein barr virus, hepatitis, Cytomegalovirus and other invading organisms. It also deactivates toxins, but does not injure the healthy cell. Research shows that these invading organisms cannot tolerate high oxygen levels in the blood because they are anaerobic.

Our body consists of 70 to 80% water, 33% of this is oxygen. The depletion of oxygen is one of the main causes of disease. Of all the elements in the body, oxygen is in the highest demand, its absence for more than three minutes can cause death. Any decrease in its availability will therefore produce an unhealthy body.

The organisms that cause disease can only survive in the low oxygen environments that accompany toxic, malnutritioned, stressed, exhausted, constipated, out of shape, and stagnant environments.

These environments, which eventually produce decay, are the result of neglect. To become a fertile environment for these organisms to grow, the oxygen level of the body has to drop below the optimum level for healthy cell growth and proper function.

Ozone and hydrogen peroxide are products that are available to restore one’s oxygen balance. We should all be utilizing these therapies especially since they are inexpensive and can be self administered.

Beneficial Effects of Oxygen Therapies on the Human Body,

According to Frank Shallenberger M.D.:

  1. Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells, which are necessary to fight infections.
  2. Ozone and hydrogen peroxide and anti-vericidal, which means they kill viruses.
  3. Ozone increases oxygen and hemoglobin dissociation, thus increasing the delivery of oxygen from the blood to the cells.
  4. Ozone and hydrogen peroxide are antineoplastic, which means they inhibit the growth of (foregin) tissues like tumors.
  5. Ozone oxidizes and degrades petrochemicals.
  6. Ozone increased red blood cell membrane distensibility, thus enhancing their flexibility and effectiveness.
  7. Bio-oxidative therapies enhance the production of interferon, which the body uses to fight infections.
  8. Ozone increases the efficiency of the antioxidant enzyme system which scavenges for excess Free Radicals in the body.
  9. Ozone accelerates the citric acid cycle, which is the main cycle for the liberation of energy from sugars. This then stimulates basic metabolism, which breaks down proteins and carbohydrates to be used as energy.
  10. Bio-oxidative therapies increase tissue oxygenation, enabling patients to heal faster.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone

They are naturally occuring substances that are capable of producing more oxygen in the body. Have you ever noticed that your grass gets greener after a rainfall? That is because as the rain, H2O, passes through the ozone layer, 03, some of the H2O picks up an extra oxygen molecule and makes H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). Notice the difference when you artificially water your lawn, the increase in green colour is much less. Also, notice the fresh smell after a rain; this is due to H2O2 in the rainwater. You can achieve the same beneficial effect with your plans at home by adding 1 ounce of 3% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) to every quart of water to give your plants.

Super Charged Ozone Water

Distilled water that has had ozone passed through it. Ozone is produced when pure oxygen is passed through a high voltage electrical current producing O3 to O7 (Ozone) Ozone is very reactive and unstable. The trillions of free electrons that are generated by this process attach themselves to pollutants viruses, mutated bacteria, free radicals, parasites and fungus (yeast) and change their molecular structures so they become harmless. This is called oxidation. Super charged water is the most powerful disinfectant, cleanser, purifier, and healing agent available today. Even healthy cells are improved with it.

This super charged water must be consumed within 15 seconds of its production or it reverts back to O2. Within 1 minute 85% of the super charged water has reverted.

We all need more oxygen than is available to us in the environment. There is only about 20% oxygen in the air today, in non-polluted environments, whereas 100 years ago there was 40% and 5000 years ago there was 50%.

When there is a 35% decrease in the amount of oxygen available in the body, degenerative anaerobic diseases start to proliferate.

  • Approximately 90% of all the body’s energy is created by oxygen.
  • Our ability to think, feel, and act comes from the energy created by oxygen.
  • The more oxygen we have in our system the more energy we can produce.
  • General vitality is equated with our ability to assimilate oxygen.
  • Immunity increases as you increase oxygen levels.
  • Ozone oxidation destroys chlorinated and non-chlorinated hydrocarbons and acrylic compounds and thus helps to eliminate most drugs, alcohol, and most man made environmental toxins from the body.
  • The consumption of super charged Ozonated water will destroy all viruses and harmful bacteria as well as germs, dust mites, pollen, smoke, fumes, and even body odors.

The Decrease in the Oxygen Content of the Air is Due to:

  1. The industrialized nations of the world all use machinery, electronic equipment, and combustion engines, which produce toxic oxides such as carbon dioxides and carbon monoxides. These oxides use up enormous amounts of oxygen.
  2. The destruction of our dioxide consuming vegetation. The process of photosynthesis in our forests produces oxygen.
  3. Some industrial cities have as little as 7 to 8% oxygen content in the air.
  4. The combustion of gasoline for transportation uses large amounts of oxygen and produces carbon dioxide.
  5. Junk food is low in oxygen and high in toxins.
  6. Foods such as: sugar, white flower, alcohol, coffee, and colas deplete oxygen levels in the body.
  7. Smoking decreases the oxygen levels in the body and interferes with the blood cells ability to carry oxygen. It also decreases the oxygen level in the room, adding to the problem of second hand smoke.
  8. Stress, both emotional and physical, utilizes large amounts of oxygen.
  9. Chemical toxins, used as cleaning products, decrease the levels of oxygen as it is used to oxidize the toxins, leaving even less oxygen available for energy production.
  10. Infections draw on the body’s supplies of oxygen to neutralize bacteria.
  11. An acidic pH level in the body utilizes oxygen to neutralize the low pH levels.
  12. The use of chlorine and fluoride in our water further depletes our oxygen supply.

Chronic fatigue results from depletion of the oxygen that is used to eliminate the toxins that we have consumed from the environment, the food we eat, and the chemicals in our household products. This requires tremendous amounts of oxygen, which leaves the body susceptible to the infectious agents of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus, and further burdens the immune system. Normally these infectious agents would be combated with our oxygen supplies, but when the supply is depleted because of the large level of toxins that the body has to handle, then the immune system is not able to destroy the invaders. Disease proliferates; leaving the person totally wiped out; hence the title of “Chronically fatigued”. Low oxygen in the body is a sure sign that the body will get sick, age faster, and will not have adequate energy. If this persists, the person will die.

A depleted oxygen supply is partially responsible for the increase in chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, FM/CFS, and premature aging.

If oxygen depletion is severe and chronic, it can result in symptoms from fatigue and irritability to terminal conditions.

Symptoms Related to Low Oxygen Levels Are:

  • Mild to severe fatigue
  • Decreased energy
  • Decreased immune function. Susceptibility to colds, flu, and infections
  • Repeated infections
  • Yeast, viral, and parasitic infections
  • Poor memory. Decreased mental capacity
  • Poor circulation. Decreased healing ability
  • Degenerative diseases, such as rithritis, and heart disease
  • Behavioural problems, learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, PDD, Autism
  • Allergies
  • Depression, irritability
  • Uneasiness, helplessness, despair and eventually panic attacks
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Decreased body temperature
  • Headaches, dizziness, insomnia, faint feeling, and loss of appetite

The Benefits of Ozone Will Help to Eliminate the Cause of the Above Symptoms

As an air purifier, ozone will eliminate odors, tobacco smoke, dust mites, and mildew spores.

Oxygen needs to be replaced in the body on a consistent basis. Even a minute without oxygen will affect the body’s ability to do just about everything. All functions of the body require oxygen. Starting with our ability to think, feel, and act, our bodies need oxygen to perform these basic functions. Our brains process billions of pieces of information every second. Without oxygen this would not happen. Our immune system eliminates toxins and waste using large amounts of oxygen.

Oxidation is a process whereby the body converts nutrients to energy and eliminates toxins and waste. Without the process of oxidation, metabolic function, blood purification, digestion and utilization of nutrients and the elimination of its waste products would not occur. Our natural defense mechanism is the immune system, would be ineffective and the nervous system would function erratically.

Oxygen creates a chemical reaction that turns nutrients into energy and neutralizes toxins. This is called oxidation.

It is well known that deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids cause the body to malfunction and subject it to disease and premature aging. Compared to this, the depletion of oxygen is of catastrophic proportions.

  • Without adequate levels of oxygen, the most vital of all elements, we would die.
  • Some of us age quicker than others, some are sicker than others, some cannot think or act as well as others; it all depends on the level of oxygen available to the body.
  • Oxygen depletion severely interferes with the body’s ability to function on every level.


  1. Quit smoking today.
  2. Do not permit smoking in your environment.
  3. Live and work in environments, which have adequate supplies of oxygen.
  4. Eat live foods, preferably organic fruits and vegetables.
  5. Do not drink fluoridated or chlorinated water.
  6. Purify your water with an ozone machine.
  7. Purify the air in your house with an ozone machine.
  8. Make super Ozonated water and drink 1 ½ liters of it every day.
  9. Make supercharged Ozonated olive oil and rub it on your body daily.
  10. Always sleep with the bedroom window open.
  11. Do aerobic type exercise regularly.
  12. Practice deep breathing.

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and yeast are anaerobic, which means they flourish in an environment that does not have oxygen. A lack of oxygen in the body increases the ability of these invaders to flourish, unhindered by the usual defense mechanisms. They grow and excrete even more toxins into the body, making us even sicker, and the cycle of chronic disease is perpetuated. Oxygen is the vital factor required to turn this process around. An intake of supercharged Ozonated water will increase your energy, immune function, mental capacity, circulation and digestion.

The addition of extra oxygen will increase the healing powers of any and all supplements and nutritious food products that are being consumed. Thus speeding up recovery times considerably. If you get tired after eating, this means, that the amount of oxygen required to assimilate the nutrients and eliminate the toxins is in excess of the oxygen levels in the body.

The benefits of Ozone:

  • Increased energy
  • Stronger immune function
  • Improved mental capacities
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Replenishes oxygen reserves
  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, parasites and yeast. (It does not harm the “good bacteria”)
  • Improves utilization of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals taken as supplements.
  • Oxidizes toxins and helps the body to eliminate them
  • Decreases recovery time from illness, injury, stress, and exercise
  • Oxidizes the plaque in the arteries, allowing the body to unclog the arteries
  • Oxidizes fibrous tissues
  • Eliminates the toxins that are causing allergic reactions
  • Help eliminate accumulated drugs, alcohol, and environmental toxins
  • Eliminates skin infections such as: psoriasis, fungal infections, rashes, acne, eczema, dermatitis, and is excellent for burns and abrasions
  • Almost all forms of nervous, functional, respiratory, and blood disorders respond successfully to increased oxygen levels in the body
  • Ozone kills E-coli 3125 times faster than chlorine

Ozone molecules are the most powerful disinfectants, cleansers, purifiers, health protectors, and healing agents known to man. No other sterilization method can match that of Ozone, not in time, cost, or effectiveness.

Ozone Applications

  1. Inhalation: Ozone is an excellent air purifier, eliminating toxins and contaminants in the air. Caution must be exercised not to breathe the ozone directly from the machine, as it can cause prolonged coughing.
  2. Ingestion: Water is excellent mediums for the consumption of extra oxygen. Ozonated water must be consumed within 15 seconds or the extra oxygen starts to be released into the air. When ingesting the Ozonated water, take a deep breath and then drink the water. Never inhale when drinking the freshly ozonated water, it can produce a cough that last for 20 minutes (no permanent damage occurs, only temporary discomfort.)

There is a way to stabilize the ozone in the water using extra minerals. This process is currently being perfected.

  1. Tropical application: Ozonated olive oil is another way to ingest the extra oxygen. The ozonated olive oil is very effective in treating all skin conditions. When stored in the freezer the shelf life of this Ozonated oil is several months. Ozonated olive oil holds the extra oxygen in the oil, and when it is applied to the skin the ozone is absorbed through the skin.
  2. Bodysuit or one-man sauna: The bodysuit is a large sack that you get into, seal it at the neck and pump oxygen into. The extra oxygen is absorbed through the skin. Since heat destroys ozone, it is advisable to use the one-man saunas without the heat on.
  3. Insufflations: The ozone can be administered with the use of catheters vaginally, rectally, or auricularly. This method gets the ozone to the affected areas in an expedient manner.

Is Ozone Safe?

Any bad press on ozone states, that ozone causes oxidation. Yes, that is correct, but you must understand what oxidation is.

Oxidation is the method used to eliminate pollutants and toxins from the body utilizing oxygen in the process. It is not a bad thing at all; the pollutants are the problem, not the ozone. The ozone oxidizes the pollutants and facilitates their elimination. Oxidation is also the method the body uses to produce energy, also utilizing oxygen. The so-called authorities are just trying to scare the public with semantics.

There have not been any fatalities or adverse side effects attributed to the proper use of ozone therapy. Ozone is not patent-able; therefore, there is no money to be made in its research and development by the drug firms and medical establishments. This is why its benefits have not been widely publicized.

Analogy of a Swamp

Occasionally, a patient asks me, “How come I am not better, I have been doing these cleansings for a month now and I don’t feel that much better yet”?

These are usually the patients that are so toxic and so nutrient deficient, that when we look at their blood on the Darkfield Microscope it is a mess. The blood cells are stuck together from a lack of oxygen and there is so much stress evident, because their blood is so bad, it is difficult to know where to start. When these people are examined with the EDS (Electro Dermal Screening) the list of toxins and allergies is very long, it is therefore going to take some time to eliminate them.

Compare a stagnant swamp to a fast flowing stream. The swamp being the toxic, oxygen deficient, and infected patient and the stream is the healthy patient or Doctor. The stream is flowing quickly, with fresh water, ample oxygen, and nutrients, which are keeping it clean and healthy. The swamp on the other hand, is like a constipated, oxygen deficient patient that continues to load up on toxic food, household chemicals, coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol. The toxins have nowhere to go and they keep building up, like in a swamp.

When we come along and start putting in some good things to the swamp it doesn’t make much difference in the beginning because there are so many toxins that the good stuff is insignificant to start with. It just cleans up a very small part of the swamp, which fills back in with the existing toxins, almost right away.

It takes some time to completely drain the swamp of the existing toxins and pollutants by increasing the flow with additional water and decreasing the intake of more toxins. In the patient, this is done with more water, oxygen, and cleansing erbs to eliminate the existing toxins. Then, better food choices and supplements allow the body to start building the immune system and producing healthy cells to replace the existing weak and diseased cells.

The scenario that I see often is the patient who thinks they will get better by only taking the supplements, but they do not alter their diet or their toxic habits. Therefore, the swamp is being polluted and very little progress is achieved.

In Order to Achieve a Healthy Swamp, Four Things Must Occur:

  1. Good water and oxygen must be added, and the obstruction to the bad water being filtered out is eliminated.
  2. The source of the toxic content of the swamp must be identified, and eliminated.
  3. The toxins that are being dumped into the swamp are to be stopped completely.
  4. The quality and quantity of the nutrients being fed to the swamp are to be of a nourishing nature only. This process can take up to two years to achieve a free running, healthy stream, depending on the level of toxins in the swamp.

The stream must be maintained in this free running state or it will start to become stagnant again and return to its original swamp like characteristics. The longer it was a swamp the easier it is to return to that state. Return to any of the original habits that polluted the swamp in the first place and it is not long before it starts to get clogged up again.

Your body is ⅔’s water. How polluted your swamp is depends on the lifestyle choices you have made. Ultimately, toxicity builds up in the body over time. This buildup invites the proliferation of anaerobic microorganisms, causing disease. The more toxins that you have put in the body, in the way of nutrient deficient food (junk food), toxic chemicals (household products, chlorine, fluoride, preservatives, pesticides and drugs), and detrimental habits (smoking, coffee, alcohol), the longer it will take to clean it out. The longer it will take for the oxygen and improved nutrition to start to show improvements.

The more serious the disease, the more aggressive, determined and patient you have to be with your treatment protocols.

The more toxic you were, the more susceptible you are to having toxic reversal symptoms such as: fatigue, flu like symptoms, nausea, fevers, night sweats, and headaches. The toxins go through the body on their way out. Therefore, you may experience reactions as they are passing through.

Ozone does the following things:

  1. Ozone inactivates bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus (yeast) by inhibiting cell growth and causing cell lyses (death). It also oxidizes the protective enzyme coating around the infective agents.
  2. Ozone reduces the clumping of the red blood cells, which allows the cells to carry more nutrients and oxygen to the end of the capillaries, thus enabling improved circulation.
  3. Ozone oxidizes the plaque build-ups in the arteries and veins, unclogging the blood vessels.
  4. Ozone enhances the Krebs cycle, which increases our production of energy.
  5. Ozone is also a very powerful free radical neutralizer, because of the trillions of electrons that are produced in the production of ozone.
  6. Ozone oxidizes toxins in the body and eliminates them.
  7. Ozone greatly improves the body’s immune system and immunological capabilities.

There is no healing without purification.

When the increased oxygen is eliminating the foregin invaders from your cells it may show up in the following ways: skin eruptions (rashes, flaky skin) itching, nausea (this is the bacteria reacting with the H2O2), sleeplessness, unusual fatigue, diarrhea, colds, boils, and elimination of large amounts of mucus. These are actually good signs indicating that the body is eliminating the toxins and parasitic organisms that are adversely affecting your health.

How Can I Decrease the Effects of Free Radical Damage?

Now for the good news. Substances known as antioxidants neutralize Free Radicals. The antioxidants are: Vit. A, Vit. E, Vit. C, selenium, pycnogenol, grape seed extract, Ozonated (supercharged) water, and the newest and most powerful one, Microhydrin.

Antioxidants neutralize the Free Radicals by donating an electron to the Free Radical, which returns the molecule to a stable compound. When the antioxidant, except Microhydrin and Ozonated water, gives up an electron, they become a Free Radical themselves, but a less aggressive one. It then steals an electron from another antioxidant producing what is called the “Cascade Effect” transferring electrons to milder and milder, and less damaging compounds. This is why it is necessary

to take the full complement of antioxidants to facilitate the cascading effect.

Microhydrin and ozonated water have a unique ability to neutralize Free Radicals because they are the only antioxidants that do not themselves, turn into a Free Radical. Microhydrin and Ozonated water have an extra electron that they donated to neutralize the Free Radical. The Ozonated water releases trillions of free electrons into the body to neutralize Free Radicals and there is no cascading effect.


  1. Reduce or eliminate the free radical producing agents.
  2. Increase the amount of nutrition in your diet.
  3. Take the antioxidants: Vit. C – 2000mg, Vit A – 10,000 IU, Vit E – 800 IU, Selenium – 200 mcg, Grape Seed extract – 50 mg, and Microhydrin – 250mg on a daily basis.
  4. Have 5 servings of fresh (organic) fruit and vegetables a day.
  5. Drink Supercharged Ozonated water daily.


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  2. James Balch MD, Super Antioxidants, New York: M. Evansand Company, inc., 1998

How Much Water is Enough?

Let’s do some arithmetic. An average human adult eliminates approximately one litre of urine a day, exhales almost another litre of water vapour in the breathing process, and has one more litre of water evaporated through perspiration. This adds up to a water loss of close to three litres a day. Are you taking sufficient water, just plain water, to replace such losses?

There are a Number of Different Methods to Determine How Much Water you Need:

  1. According to “Dr. Batman”, you take your weight and divide it by two. This gives you the number of ounces of water you need to take per day. For example: a 120 pound lady, 120 divided by 2 equals 60 ounces, that’s 6 glasses of 10 ounces of water a day. Another example: a 190 pound man, 190 divided by 2 equals 95 ounces, that’s 10 glasses of 9.5 ounces of water in a day.
  2. Martha Caroll of Ohio State University believes “you need 1 millilitre of water for every calorie in your diet. For someone consuming 2,500 calories a day, that equals 2 ½ litres (88 oz.). (Roughly 10 glasses)”
  3. Nancy Ckark, the author of Sports Nutrition Guideline says, “8 glasses of water a day may be okay for a sedentary person, but it’s not for someone who exercises regularly”. She prefers to base the calculation on the number of calories expended – 1 quart for every thousand calories burned.

“You will voluntarily replace only two-thirds of the sweat losses. To be safe, always drink enough to quench your thirst, plus a little more.”

“Dr. Batman” emphasizes that juice, pop, especially diet pops, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, and the so-called sport drinks do not count in your calculation of total water consumption for the day.

Their liquid is not available to irrigate your body systems because of the toxins they contain in the way of caffeine and/or phosphates. In fact for every cup of these beverages consumed you need to add another cup and a half of water to your total daily water consumption to detoxify.

The Turner Easy Formula for the Total Amount of Water to Drink in a Day is 1 ½ litres or 50 ounces.

The Simplest Treatments
In real estate the most important factor is location. In this treatment protocol the most important factor is timing. Timing is everything for the best results using “Dr. Batman’s” ultimate water cure.

The best times to drink water are:

  1. Immediately upon arising in the morning, take one large glass of water (this works better than a coffee and the cigarette to get your bowels moving in the morning).
  2. One half-hour before each meal, have one glass of water. Your first glass in the morning can cover this glass, if it’s ½ hour before your breakfast. Then take another glass of water ½ hour before lunch and another ½ hour before dinner.
  3. Do not drink anything with your meals. There’s sufficient water from your half-hour before meal drink to enable your body to digest your food properly.
  4. Drinking water with your meal will interfere with your body’s digestion by diluting it. The food is washed through to the intestines before it’s digested and the acids are not neutralized. This is a good way to get an ulcer.
  5. You must allow two hours for your food to digest before drinking any more water. At the two-hour mark have another full glass of water.
  6. Exercise requires more water. The time to drink is ½ hour before exercise. You may also take it during exercise, but if you’re starting to feel thirsty, then it’s already too late. Have you ever noticed a competitor, during an athletic event, with severe cramps in their legs especially the calves? That’s dehydration.
  7. Cravings: We have mistaken our body’s signals to drink water for years. We have misinterpreted them as:
  8. Hunger pain. “The munchies”. This can be your body asking for more water.
  9. Coffee cravings. “I just can’t start my day without a coffee”. Try water instead.
  10. Cigarette cravings. “I feel my body needs something, it must be time for a cigarette”. Drinking water will help you kick the habit.
  11. Alcohol cravings. “It’s time for a drink”. Try quenching your thirst with water, you’ll feel much better.
  12. Pop and diet pop cravings. These drinks to not satisfy your body’s need for water. Within one half-hour of drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, pop, or diet pop your body will be starting to dehydrate. That’s why you get the cravings for more of those drinks, because you haven’t satisfied your body’s need for water. “Dr. Batman” urges that if you must drink these dehydrating beverages then you must compensate for them with 1 ½ the amount in plain water.
  13. Just before bed is a good idea to have one more glass of water. This will make sure your body has sufficient water for the duration of the night.

Let’s count: 1. When you get up 2. Thirty minutes before breakfast 3. Two hours after breakfast 4. Thirty minutes before lunch 5. Two hours after lunch 6. Thirty minutes before dinner 7. Two hours after dinner. 8. Just before bed. There are your 8 glasses of water a day.

Common problem: “I just don’t have the patience or time to organize 8 glasses of water a day.” Solution. I drink 3-24 ounce glasses a day. One, first thing in the morning, the next ½ hour before lunch and the last ½ hour before dinner. This method works best for me; I am just too busy during the day to incorporate the eight-glass technique.

Colour of the urine: The normal color of urine should not be dark. It should be almost colorless to light yellow. If the color is orange or dark yellow this means you are dehydrated, unless you are taking B Vitamins, which will turn your urine orange.

Caution: If you’re chronically sick, start adding to your water intake gradually. Start with two extra glasses of water a day. Also, measure the quantity of urine you pass. When the amount of urine you pass begins to increase then you can start to increase the amount of water consumed in a day.

What Kind of Water Should I Drink? Let’s do good, better best:

Not Good: Water straight from the tap, unless you’re on a well, contains chlorine and fluoride. A trick that the restaurants use to eliminate chlorine is to pour water into an open-ended jug and let it sit for a while and the chlorine will evaporate.

Good: The low-end water filters get most of the chlorine out of the water (Brita filters, about $25.00)

Better: The silver impregnated carbon filters do a much better job of eliminating toxins from tap water. There are many brands on the market, some countertops, and some installed under the counter out of sight. (These are priced from $200.00 to $350.00)

Best: The two best types of filtering systems are 1. Reverse osmosis system. 2. Distillation. These two methods eliminate most of the impurities from your water including chlorine and fluoride. When drinking distilled or RO water it is important to eat your fruits and vegetables and/or take mineral supplements to replenish the minerals lost in these processes. Reverse osmosis and distilled water are acidic. Therefore, it is necessary to add either Crystal Energy or Alkaline to make the water alkaline. (The distillation units cost from $450.00 to $1500.00). Reverse Osmosis units are from $400.00 to $600.00.

Regardless of your budget, improving the quality of your water is one of the most important investments you will ever make.

What About Salt?

The body needs salt in order to maintain its correct water balance. This is the exact opposite of what we’ve been told for so many years. The false premise that we’ve been working on is that too much salt causes high blood pressure and hypertension. When in fact, high blood pressure is caused from lack of water. “Dr. Batman” explains this very well in his book. His explanation in summary is that, when there is a decrease in the amount of water in the blood the arteries and veins constrict to accommodate the smaller volume. This constriction in the size of the arteries and veins is what causes the blood pressure to go up.

Twenty seven percent of the salt content of your body is stored in the bones in the form of crystals. These salt crystals are what make the bones hard. Therefore, salt deficiency can be responsible for the development of osteoporosis. If there is a deficiency of salt it will be taken out of the bones to help maintain proper salt levels in the blood and thus leave the bones brittle. Low salt intake contributes to a buildup of acidity in the cells. It is well documented that cancer proliferates in an acidic environment.

After a few days of increasing your water intake it is time to start adding some sea salt to your diet. (If you began to feel muscle cramps at night this means you’re becoming salt deficient). “Dr. Batman” recommends for those who have been mistakenly on a salt free diet, to add sea salt as well as increasing water intake. For every 10 glasses of water he suggests ½ teaspoon of sea salt. This is about three grams of salt.

Seas salt is much preferred over regular sodium chloride table salt, because it has the added mineral content of selenium, magnesium, and manganese. Regular salt is acidic and sea salt is alkaline.

Breakthrough Technology

There have been many new discoveries in water technology; Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s invention “Crystal Energy” will reduce the surface tension of your water significantly. Tap water has a surface tension of 75 dynes per cm. The blood has a surface tension of 45 dynes per cm. When you add Crystal Energy to you water it reduces the surface tension to as low as 23 dynes per cm. This allows the water to enter the cell more freey; to perform its functions and also aids the cell in eliminating toxins. Water with a surface tension of 75 dines per cm is not utilized by the body very well, and can be eliminated by the body without being used.

The oldest living man resides in Okinawa Japan. His secret is the water he drinks. It contains a special type of ionized calcium. This ionized calcium comes from a unique type of Coral found only in Okinawa Japan. Modern technology has enabled the harvesting of this unique calcium and it can be purchased under the name “Coral Calcium”.

I personally add Crystal Energy and Coral Calcium to all my drinking water to make sure that I have the best water possible. Both Crystal Energy and Coral Calcium can be purchased from our office.



  1. Batmanghelidj, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, Falls Church: Global Health Solutions, 1997. This book is a must read.
  1. G. H. Human Growth Hormone

The silver bullet has arrived. For centuries man has been striving to discover methods to stay young, slow down the aging process, retain that youthful appearance, and preserve their health and energy. Fortunately for us not all scientific study is concentrated on developing drugs for sale by the giant pharmaceutical companies. There is research being done to develop products that will help us maintain our health and avoid the pitfalls of using drugs.

What if I told you of a product that would cause your body to: los unwanted fat while building muscle, regenerate your organs, and revitalize your heart and lung capacity. That could increase your libido (even if you are impotent as a male or uninterested as a female, dry and extremely sensitive to sex). It could also renew your energy levels, enable you to sleep soundly and awaken refreshed, and rekindle that old enthusiasm and motivation to do things. The product also had the ability to turn gray hair back to its normal color, and eliminate the wrinkles on your hands and face. Would I have your attention? Would you be interested in such a product?

Well there is such a product that has passed the supreme test of controlled double blind clinical studies. This product is called Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The use of this hormone for the elderly has proven to regrow livers, spleen and other organs, stimulating the growth of atrophied muscles, and hel reverse many of the health problems associated with aging. Imagine the difference between being confined to a wheelchair and force-fed in the nursing home to that of being independent, cooking your own meals and on your feet working in your garden.

It has been discovered that the degeneration that comes with aging can be slowed down, stopped, and even reversed. It is no longer necessary to experience diminished well being as your hormone levels deplete.

HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland, it is responsible for rapid growth in your younger years, and it is at peak by age 10 and diminishes significantly by age 30. HGH is controlled by a number of factors, your diet, your activity level, the amount of strenuous exercise you do, the level of toxins that you consume, and of course your age.

Are You Ready for the List of Things That HGH Can Do?

HGH affects every cell in the body, rejuvenating everything. This results in:

  • Increase in muscle size
  • Decrease in fat
  • Improved energy levels
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • The regeneration of organs: heart, liver, spleen and kidney
  • Improved cardiovascular performance
  • Enhanced immune system by improving the function of the thymus gland
  • Improved elimination
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • It is beneficial for cholesterol
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Wound healing is improved
  • Skin regains its elasticity
  • Hair regains its natural color
  • Face wrinkles and crow’s feet lines diminish
  • Cellulite is reduced
  • Depression and irritability are replaced with a feeling of well-being and motivation
  • Short term and long-term memory is improved
  • You sleep like a baby
  • Improves your quality of life
  • Nerve tissue can be regenerated
  • Improves vision
  • Decreases arthritic pain
  • Skin gets thicker and firmer
  • Enhances creativity
  • Increase secretion of T-cells, B-cells, natural killer cells and macrophages
  • Improved ability to sweat
  • Reverses muscle wasting
  • Reverses heart disease
  • Improves diabetes
  • Improves vital lung capacity
  • Prevent cells death after strokes/heart attacks
  • Increases bone density
  • Treats leg ulcers
  • The puffs of fat under the eyes disappear
  • Age spots fade
  • New hair growth is reported
  • Fingernails and toenails get stronger
  • Your sex appeal is renewed
  • Alleviation of menstrual and PMS
  • Increases stamina
  • Elevates mood
  • Relieves stress
  • Increases concentration

It is a revelation to know that most of the conditions we associate with aging from our middle-aged spread to menopause can be due to the decrease in secretion of hormones in our body. At 53 I came across HGH in my research and reasoned, why wait for the symptoms of aging to start appearing, I’m going to start right now so I can stay 53. While studying the effects of HGH, patient after patient came to mind as candidates for the benefit of this new product. It has been especially beneficial in the treatment of FM/CFS as so many of the symptoms we see in this condition are due in part to lack of hormones.

Caution: As with any supplement an excess intake can trigger some reactions. With HGH such symptoms as: water retention and carpal tunnel syndrome have been noted with excessive and inappropriate dosages. Also, to our surprise sometimes one product that works with one person does not work with another, this is disappointing when that happens. HGH when taken as recommended, using low dosages, has no side effects. As reported in a 1995 study “there’s no evidence suggesting that HGH replacement therapy causes any unfavorable long-term side effects”. Another study in 1995 reported “a complete absence of side effects”.

I have always been in really good shape; even at 50 I still had a 32 in. waist, a 44 in. chest, and the energy and vitality of a 20 year old. At 53 my waist had blossomed to 36 inches, (this was very distressing to me as I was eating less than I used to and I continued to exercise as intensely as I had always done), but the size of my waist continued to grow no matter how hard I worked at it. After taking homeopathic HGH for only two weeks, my waist went down by an inch, my hair started getting darker, myface appeared younger, and the vigorous feeling of being motivated started coming back.

When is Growth Hormone Secreted?

The secretion of growth hormone is at its peak during the growing years of adolescence. Most of our growth hormone is released in the early hours of sleep. Its function is to repair damaged cells in our muscles, organs and joints. In our formative years its main function is to help us grow. It also aids the immune system in performing its function of preventing disease. There are factors that increase the secretion of growth hormone such as: exercise stressful situations, excitement, and restricted caloric intake also stimulates its secretion. Some of the things that interfere with HGH secretion are being overweight and a presence of free-form fatty acids in the blood. Of course lifestyle factors such as heavy drinking and smoking also interfere with its secretion.

Increasing Life Span

The first technology increasing life expectancy was the discovery of antioxidants and Free Radical quenchers, especially the discovery of microhydrin. The utilization of these supplements will add, at least, an extra 10 years onto the normal life expectancy of 75. The second advancement in anti-aging technology is the utilization of hormone therapy such as HGH. It is estimated that an extra 20 to 30 years would be added to life expectancy with its use.


The scientist tells us that it is not so much that everything declines as we age but more so that it gets out of balance. The metabolism of sugar is interfered with, protein synthesis is altered, the immune system is out of sync, and hormone secretions are not at the level to balance these malfunctions. Growth hormone stimulates the cells to go into their repair and reproductive stage to restore the balance of the above systems. This is called homeostasis, the ability to self-adjust to internal changes. When this process starts to fail rapid aging and disease are the end result.

Good News for the Obese

For the first time the obese have an answer other than “you eat too much, you don’t exercise enough, of you’re just too lazy.” It can be your hormone imbalance that is making it so difficult to lose weight. It is well known that this excess fat poses as an extreme danger of heart attack and stroke to the obese. With the utilization of HGH the obese cn lost fat, increase muscle mass, and regain that youthful energy and appearance.


When we’re young sex seems to be the driving motivation for almost everything. The main thrust of most advertising is sex appelal. We all strive to look good, smell good, dress in the latest styles, all to be attractive to the opposite sex. With age most people start to lose this. I used to think it was just disinterest, or laziness, or the fact that they were married now and it didn’t matter anymore. I now realize it is hormonal as well.

Take a look around. You’ll notice that almost all teenagers and those in their early 20s are concerned about their appearance and can be considered sexy. Then look at people in their 40s and 50s, those that still have sex appeal are not so common. To be considered sexy after 50 is a rare occurrence. When this desire disappears it is a major loss for most people, and this is when people start to feel old.


The inability to get an erection is caused by arteriosclerosis of the arteries in the penis, which is the same process that causes heart attacks and strokes. By age 40 most men average two to three times a week, by 60, if they are lucky, maybe they are still able to perform once a week. At age 80, 75% of the male population is unable to sustain an erection long enough to be effective.

The good news, studies showed that there is a significant increase in sexual potency, frequency, and the ability to hold an erection for longer periods of time with the use of HGH.


Females on the other hand have the added problem of menopause. The main sex related problem is usually atropy and dryness causing discomfort. This leads to a decrease in pleasure and frequency. Women taking HGH have reported increased sexuality, heightened pleasure, multiple orgasms, and renewed interest in sexual activities. This increases their affinity for their mate and makes for a happier relationship.

It is best if both partners do HGH together because it doesn’t work well for the relationship when only one side is feeling sexy. It is also reported the HGH helps revitalize organ shrinkage, which is a benefit for both sexes. To order HGH precursors see page 358.

Hormone Combinations

When the body is functioning at its optimum, all of the different hormones are working synergistically, achieving the maximum effect on one’s health and well-being. Therefore, it is more beneficial to do a combination of hormones rather than just straight HGH. The combination that we use in our office includes HGH, thyroid, thymus, adrenal, and IGF (insulin growth factor). We also recommend that DHEA be added to this on a daily basis. The best effects are achieved when all the hormones are supplemented in the elderly. The anti-aging efficiency is increased and the safety factor is significantly better. For those who have problems sleeping we would also recommend melatonin be taken at night.


The benefits of DHEA are substantial. It has a reputation of aiding in weight loss, increasing muscle mass, fighting cancer, and helping to elevate moods. It also helps prevent heart disease, autoimmune disease, infections, and aids the body in combating stress. Other benefits include, better sleeping patterns, more energy, increased strength, decreased fat, and an inner calmness when dealing with stressful situations.

The main way DHEA accomplishes these benefits is by raising the levels of HGH and IGF. DHEA is produced in the adrenal gland from the synthesis of cholesterol. DHEA is classified as a steroid and it is responsible for the production of testosterone, progesterone, and corticosterone. DHEA decreases with age as HGH.

Caution: since DHEA stimulates estrogen and testosterone, anyone with a history of prostate or ovarian cancer should not take it. Continual use of DHEA will shut down the body’s own production of this hormone.

It is advisable to alternate days, maybe even miss a few days here and there and use other supplements like wild yam to make sure the body is still stimulating its own DHEA. See the pg 358 to order.


Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland; its main function is to control our internal clock. Used as a supplement it helps improve sleep and is even helpful for jet lag. Melatonin has the unusual characteristic of being one of the most powerful free radical scavengers in the body.

Melatonin is secreted at night; the amount the hormone secreted determines how well one sleeps. Its secretion is stimulated by darkness, and turned off by sunlight. As we age the amount of Melatonin secreted decreases; this is why the elderly find it more difficult to get a full night’s sleep. With Melatonin sleep is more restful, dreams are more pleasant, fewer awakenings are experienced, and a more refreshed feeling is present upon awakening. Sleep related problems and reducing the effects of jet lag are the most common indication for Melatonin use.

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