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Convenient Visits

Cara Chiro is open on Saturday AND Sunday by appointment. We offer times during lunch hours & have morning exams, so that you can always fit in an appointment into your schedule.

Same-Day Visits

Need to get in for an appointment quickly? We are available for emergency visits with the specialist of the day. Walk-in's and same day visits are also available.

Convenient Location

For the convenience of our patients, our easily-accessible chiropractic office is located in Downtown Vancouver, right off of Broadway.

Online Booking

Ready to make an appointment with our experienced chiropractors? We make it easy with our convenient online booking form.

A solution, not a patch.

The difference between other chiropractic clinics and us is that you can count on our Chiropractic Specialists to properly find the underlying cause, give you a plan detailing the course of your treatment, and understand what it will take to get better.

We offer plans suitable for all types of patients.

Come when you want, and choose your visits. We will honestly tell you what results you can expect from your level of commitment, so you don’t have unrealistic expectations or set yourself up for failure.

We never shove people into the same outfits

Tired of getting treated by the book? Do you believe all humans are in the same situation when they walk in? Do you get the same adjustment or treatment as the 80 year old in a wheelchair? I didn’t think so.

We are the best in the NW.

Everyone can tell who the better athlete is, but can you tell who the better doctor is? Chances are, not until you don’t see results or end up getting injured. More importantly, do you even care? Truth is, not all chiropractic is equal just as not all medicine is equal. In fact, more than most medical fields, chiropractic is HUGELY based on skill and accurate diagnosis.

About Our Chiropractors in Vancouver, WA

About Our Chiropractors in Vancouver, WA

Are you looking for a Vancouver chiropractor near you? At our clinic, we want you to get better (and get better fast), so we only accept patients for care that we know we can help.

If we can help you, we’ll give you recommendations on what your next steps should be. This may include an examination, x-rays, or other tests — but don’t worry, we only recommend tests and services that we believe to be absolutely necessary.

If, for some reason, we think your health issue won’t respond to the treatment we provide, we will make any necessary referrals and get you to the right place, sound fair?

We regularly see patients injured in motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and those suffering from headaches, neck pain, and back pain. People are often surprised that we treat pregnant patients, pediatrics, geriatrics, and chronic pain patients — especially those patients that have not seen results with chiropractic at other Vancouver, WA clinics.

Don’t waste time seeing another Doctor when you can see an experienced team that’s been helping people for over ten years. We serve patients in Vancouver and welcome patients from the neighboring communities of Five Corners, Salmon Creek, Yacolt, Walnut Grove, Hazel Dell, Lake Shore, and Hough.

We guarantee the absolute best adjustment you will find anywhere: gentle, yet effective. You won’t find this level of technique anywhere else. Our doctors are above and beyond skilled. We are experts.

Dr. Cara has created her own unique technique by synthesizing everything she has learned over the past years from various masters, institutes, seminars and books from around the world.

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Our team can help restore your health with a wide variety of services. Here are just a few of our more popular options.

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